An Enhanced
A perfect solution for Museums, Nature Areas, Historical Sites

Deliver custom audio content without the cost of dedicated audio devices and without requiring your visitors to install a smartphone app or browse your website on their phone. 2orGuide is:

  • Like an audio device, but there's no hardware to buy or maintain.
  • Like a smartphone app, but there's no software to build or install.
  • Like website audio files, but works like an app.
Sample a Tour

Tours & guides are delivered in a modern web browser. They run on any device: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops (and even Desktops).
  • Built as a web app, there is no software to download or install.
  • After initialization, no internet connection is required. WiFi dead zones are not an issue and there's minimal load on your local network.
  • And, response is instantaneous.
Visitors explore at their own pace
Works great in a car and on foot. If using GPS, the tour will play content relevant to the current location. It's like having an expert guide at your side.

Why Choose Us?

2orGuide builds your tour from existing content.

No upfront costs

Fees proportional to use

Use existing audio/video

  • Our expert team cleans up the audio, adds smooth transitions, resizes images as needed and packs it for web delivery.
  • The tour is stored on 2orGuide's web servers. Your visitor accesses the tour on their own device and has complete control over playback, making their experience very personal.
  • Absolutely no IT experience required.

Get these benefits

Reduce equipment cost No equipment to purchase or maintain
Reduce software cost No app to develop or license
Reduce staffing cost No staff needed to train visitors on hardware or to clean and maintain equipment
Improve sanitation Visitors use their own equipment, no sharing of devices
Improve access to your content 2orGuide will optimize your content for seamless and fast delivery, regardless of whether internet access is available
Get paid for tours Optionally, 2orGuide can charge visitors' credit cards and then pay you


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